Access and nearby tourist spots


Access and nearby
tourist spots

Easy access from Kanazawa

The Kitamaebune Ship Museum is located in Kaga Hashitate, approx. 40 km from Kanazawa. It can be reached on public transportation from either JR Kanazawa or Kaga Onsen Station. A rental car would also be a convenient option.
After visiting the museum, strolling through the beautiful town, and immersing yourself in the world of Kitamaebune, let’s take a walk and visit nearby tourist spots. The stunning Sea of Japan is also just a stone’s throw away.

Nearby tourist spots



Just like the Kitamaebune Ship Museum, this is also a Kitamaebune shipowner’s residence that remains in the Kaga Hashitate District. The stones laid in the impressive Japanese garden were brought by a Kitamaebune from one of Japan’s leading stone-producing areas.

Access: 3 minutes on foot from museum.
Address: Ra-47 Hashitatemachi

Hashitate Fishing port

Hashitate Fishing port

The nostalgic Hashitate fishing port is one of the main fishing bases in Ishikawa prefecture. On their voyage from Osaka to Hokkaido, Kitamaebune sailors from Kaga Hashitate would drop anchor and land off the coast of Hashitate in order to return home temporarily.

Access: 13 minutes on foot from museum.
Address: Hamayama-2-30 Tajirimachi

Kasa no Misaki Point

Cape Kasa no Misaki

A chalk lighthouse stands on this cape, which extends further into the Sea of Japan than any other in the neighborhood. Go down the stairs and stand at the tip of the cape to enjoy a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan, where the Kitamaebune once sailed.

Access: 15 minutes on foot from museum.

Amagozen Cape

Cape Amagozen

As you walk along the promenade, you will see a characteristic seascape of exposed brown and yellowish-white rock surfaces. It is connected to the Amagozen Service Area on the Hokuriku Expressway, where you can take a break and enjoy a meal.

Access: 19 minutes on foot or 4 minutes by car from museum.

To discover many other attractions in Kaga City, please visit the official tourism information website:

I-Otsu 1-1, Hashitate-machi, Kaga, Ishikawa 922-0554, Japan
Phone. 0761-75-1250 Fax. 0761-75-2312

13 minutes from JR Kaga Onsen Station
20 minutes from Komatsu Airport
7 minutes from Hokuriku Expressway Katayamazu IC
7 minutes from Katayamazu Onsen
15 minutes from Yamashiro Onsen

10 minutes from JR Kaga Onsen Station

30 minutes from JR Kaga Onsen Station

Passenger cars: 40
Bus: 5

Every day 9:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30)

Adults: 350yen
Seniors(75 and over): 170yen
Youth(18 and under)and persons with disabilities: Free
Groups(more than 20 people): 290yen