Guzuyaki Matsuri Festival

The Furihashi Shrine in Kaga tells the following legend: once upon a time, a venomous giant serpent that lived in the neighbourhood kidnapped local girls. The god, Onamuchi-no-kami, who happened to come to the village, saw the people suffering and burned the serpent to death. It is said that the Guzuyaki Matsuri Festival is based on this legend and began at the beginning of the Showa era (1926-1989). The fabled serpent appears in the form of a large papier-mache guzu fish at the festival. Carrying the guzu, people parade through the street. And the festival evening culminates with the burning of a guzu in the precinct of the Furihashi Shrine.

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Date: Aug. 27-29
Venue: Around Furihashi Shrine in Iburihashimachi