Suggested Itineraries

Our recommended routes to discover Kaga and its surrounding

The beautiful and charming Kaga City area has numerous places to discover. For first-time visitors you can pick up one of our recommended routes that we have conceived for you to discover Kaga and its area. From mountains to the sea, from onsen and gastronomy, from crafts to history, each route will send you to the discovery of a unique part of Japanese culture.


1 Yamanaka Onsen Plan

Come and discover crafts and exquisite landscapes....

In the heart of a small valley, with Japanese pine and cedar trees at its edges, Yamanaka Onsen Read more...


2 Yamashiro Onsen Plan

Take a bath in traditional Japanese hot spring and discover the Kutani-yaki porcelain.

Yamashiro Onsen is as well known for its hot springs and ryokans as it is for its unique porcel Read more...


3 Daishoji Plan

A walk in an old castle town enclosed by its shrines and temples.

The castle town of Daishoji, located west of the Kaga City area, was an important artistic and Read more...