5 Hazuchio-Gakudo

View of Hazuchio-Gakudo
1)View of Hazuchio-Gakudo
2)A picturesque street at Hazuchio-Gakudo
3)A café at Hazuchio-Gakudo

Community Centre-cum-Rest Facility

Appealing with its beautiful red lattice walls, Hazuchio-Gakudo is a community centre-cum-rest facility in Yamashiro Onsen. After viewing the traditional crafts, such as pottery and lacquerware made by the region's artists, you can enjoy a relaxing cup of tea and sweets. The centre also serves as an events venue, hosting hands-on workshops, farmer’s markets and various concerts.
Yamashiro Onsen's summer festival is centred around Hazuchio-Gakudo, with events taking place throughout the town.



Open: 9:30-17:00 
Closed: Wednesdays (open if Wednesday is a national holiday), occationally and Dec.29 - Jan. 3
Access: 15 minutes by local bus from JR Kaga Onsen Station. Get off at ‘Yamashiro Onsen’, 3 minutes on foot.
Tel: 0761-77-8270
Address: 18-59-1 Yamashiro Onsen, Kaga, Ishikawa