Blessed by ocean and mountains

Delectable Delights

From snow crab to wild duck, Kaga is renowned for its mouth-watering seasonal delicacies. Its proximity to the Sea of Japan means also an abundance of fresh and varied seafood year round. And further inland, the melting glaciers of Mount Hakusan helps the region produce some of the highest quality sake.


1 Sake

Savour the Area’s One-of-a-Kind Sake

Sake, an alcoholic drink made from fermented rice, is the national drink of Japan and is rapidl Read more...


2 Seafood

The Pleasures of Fresh Seafood

Hashitate is one of the prominent fishing ports on the Sea of Japan coast. Strolling around tow Read more...


3 Wild Duck

The Fruit of Traditional ‘Sakaami Duck Hunting’

Along with seafood, duck is one of the popular winter culinary assets of the Kaga City area. Al Read more...