Rows of boarts are lining at the harbour

3 Hashitate Fishing Port

A ship just arriving from the sea
1)A ship just arriving from the sea
2)Many species of seafood are caught in the Sea of Japan
3)Fresh snow crabs are must-eat seafood in winter season

Feel the Air of Nostalgia

Located at the southern end of Ishikawa Prefecture, Hashitate Fishing Port is known as one of the leading fishing ports in the prefecture. A great variety of seafood is unloaded at this peaceful fishing port throughout the year. It provides highly sought-after delicacies such as amberjack, sweet shrimp, and snow crab, attracting masses of tourists seeking a culinary experience rarely available elsewhere. Crowded with fishing boats, this small port also evokes a certain nostalgia and provides fantastic photo opportunities.


Hashitate Fishing Port

Access: 15 minutes by car from JR Kaga Onsen Station.
Address: 2-30 Tajirimachi-Hamayama, Hashitate, Kaga, 922-0552 Ishikawa