Old Townscape

Old houses can be seen in the town
1)Old houses can be seen in the town
2)Jisho-do, a bell tower
3)Townscape of Daishoji

The Heart of a Castle Town

During the Edo period (1603-1868) the Daishoji Domain (today’s Kaga City area) thrived as one of the Maeda clan’s cadet branches. Although not as wealthy and powerful as the Kanazawa-based clan heads, the Daishoji lords stirred up some remarkable local developments especially in the fields of art and culture. Once a castle residence of the Daishoji clan, today’s Daishoji still retains a mellow and relaxed atmosphere evocative of the Edo period, dotted with temples, shrines, samurai houses, and old private dwellings. For the perfect shot, be sure to capture one of the atmospheric wooden houses found in Daishoji-Honmachi, Daishoji-Kyomachi, Daishoji-Yamadamachi Daishoji-Kajimachi or Daishoji-Aramachi.


Old Townscape

Location: Around Daishoji-Homnachi, 11minutes from Daishoji station