Lake Shibayama

A view of Lake Shibayama and Mt. Hakusan
1)A view of Lake Shibayama and Mt. Hakusan
2)The pier, pavilion in the centre of the lake
3)Lake Shibayama in Spring season

A Scenic Landmark

The main attraction of Katayamazu Onsen is its beautiful scenery; an impressive mountain range rises in the distance from the lake’s surface and is especially delightful on a sunny day. The shimmering Lake Shibayama changes colour during the course of the day. A fountain at its centre shoots water up to 70 metres high for a few minutes every hour. A small pavillion called Ukimido Temple stands on a pier out over the water, and is illuminated in the evenings together with the fountain. You can look out over the expansive lake from Katayamazu Onsen’s soyu (public bathhouse), and many of the town's ryokan and hotels feature rooms and baths with views. Leisure boat tours are also available. Summer in Katayamazu Onsen is heralded by the fireworks launched over the lake every night. Yu-no-Matsuri Festival is held in late August and features street stalls, various performances and a splendid firework display.

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Lake Shibayama

Access: 12 minutes by local bus from JR Kaga Onsen Station.
Get off at ‘Katayamazu Onsen Mae’, 3 minutes on foot.