A main street in Yamanaka Onsen, it contains craft shops and atelier, café and some eatery

Yuge Kaido Street

Charming Japanese houses in the Yuge Kaido Street
1)Charming Japanese houses in the Yuge Kaido Street
2)The street locates just near the mountain
3)Yamanaka-bushi, a local folk song has been inherited to this region

The Bustling Main Street of Yamanaka Onsen

Yuge Kaido Street is Yamanaka Onsen’s main street which extends from the square at the heart of town. ‘Yuge’ means steam from hot springs, the fragrance of which heralds the arrival of a relaxing onsen. Filled with cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops, this elegant and picturesque street has managed to preserve the lively atmosphere of typical Japanese onsen towns. There are also specialty shops of local craft ateliers in particular, Yamanaka lacquerware with a 400-year history. The main feature of the lacquerware is the highly artisanal technique of carving the wood on a lathe. Some shops offer hands-on experiences of woodturning.


Yuge Kaido Street

Access: 30 minutes from JR Kaga Onsen Station by local bus.
Get off at 'Yamanaka Onsen Bus Terminal', 6 minutes on foot.