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Meet the Ancient Gods of Japan

From Kaga City area, a road trip in the moss garden to the renowned religious site of the Japanese Gods, Natadera Temple

Time Required: 3h30m

One of the most protected treasures of modern Japan

Hiyou Moss Garden, also known as the 'Forest of Wisdom', is a 20-minute drive from Kaga Onsen Station. The garden is in the small town of Hiyou and is the result of an eco-development project aimed at the preservation of the ecosystem and the economic and demographic revitalisation of the valley. The project itself is a celebration of Japanese nature and culture. The site is known for the production of the Hiyou cedars and its moss garden, the largest in Japan in terms of variety. A 5-minute drive takes you to the site of Yunokuni no Mori (1), a park where you can learn about various traditional handicrafts of Ishikawa Prefecture. The park has several historic thatched farmhouses (restored and moved to this site) and traditional buildings such as the Hôjô-an built in 1780 and which has been completely reconstructed.

Approximately 5 minutes by car, we invite you to discover this exceptional site, the religious complex of Natadera (2) with its Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. The beauty of this sacred site will take your breath away all year round. Since the Jomon (ca. 14,000–300 BCE) and Yayoi (ca. 300 BCE to 250 CE) eras, Natadera Temple has been considered a sacred place to pray to deities, and nearby Mt. Hakusan has been revered as a sacred mountain where a pure, white goddess lives. The Natadera Temple site includes a number of caves that have been also celebrated since ancient times. Compared to the wombs of mothers, they are considered to be places of purification and the cycle of death and rebirth. The temple of Natadera was founded over 1300 year ago by the Buddhist monk Taicho (682-767). The place will give you a profound feeling of peace and tranquility.

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