Hashitate Kitamaebune Shipowners’ Hamlet

Reddish tile roof houses is typical townscape in Hashitate
1)Reddish tile roof houses is typical townscape in Hashitate
2)Some of shopowners houses are opened to the public
3)Old wooden boards cover the buildings

An Unhurried and Unspoiled Place

Hashitate retains its reputation as the home of the Kitamaebune, merchant ships that once traveled across the Sea of Japan. The townscape is dotted with dozens of shipowners’ mansions featuring red tile roofs. You will find old wooden boards, originally the wood installed at the bottom of the ships, covering the buildings to protect them from the sea breeze. In 2006, Hashitate was designated an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.


Hashitate Kitamaebune Shipowners’ Hamlet

Access: 13 minutes by car from JR Kaga Onsen Station.