3 Tojinbo Cliffs

Tojinbo Cliffs
1)Tojinbo Cliffs
2)Rocky coastline in Tojinbo Cliffs
3)Shops can be found near the cliffs

Outstanding Natural Beauty

Tojinbo Cliffs is a 1km stretch of rocky coastline, found just north of Fukui City in Fukui Prefecture. The rock formations here feature odd hexagonal shapes, making them appear almost man made, but are in fact natural masterpieces. The 30 metre tall cliffs protruding from the wild waves of the Sea of Japan are an impressive sight. Visitors are free to walk on the trails which lead along the rocky embankment to various chasms and promontories. There is also a commercial area for tourists with an observation tower and several restaurants and shops. Boat tours are also available.


Tojinbo Cliffs

Address: Anto Mikuni-cho, Sakai, 9130064 Fukui