Yamanoshita Temples Area

One of temples in this area
1)One of temples in this area
2)Honkoji temple
3)Temples area consists of 7 temples and 1 shrine

Enjoy Temple and Shrine Hopping

Once a castle residence for the cadet branch of the Kaga clan (today's Kanazawa), Daishoji is a place flush with history and tradition. Situated in the south-western part of Daishoji, the Yamanoshita Temples Area bears witness to the town’s glorious feudal past. Made up of seven temples and one shrine, it is well acknowledged by historians that all these sacred places were gathered in order to defend the former castle of Daishoji. It is a great place to enjoy temple and shrine hopping, and Zenshoji Temple and Jisshoin Temple are open to the public.

Temples and a Shrine you can visit in the Yamanoshita Temple Area