The cape Kasa no Misaki


Charming cherry blossoms in bloom by Kyu-Daishoji River
1)Charming cherry blossoms in bloom by Kyu-Daishoji River
2)The Basho no Yakata Museum in Yamanaka Onsen
3)In the mountainside of Yamanaka Onsen

It’s About Blooming Time

The enduring icon of spring in Japan, the cherry blossom, has come to be synonymous with the country itself, seasonally attracting hordes of admirers. Cherry blossoms generally flower at the end of March to early April, and they usually last no longer than a couple of weeks. The pleasant weather calls for more time spent outdoors, so why not take a walk through Daishoji’s atmospheric streets, or along the Kyu-Daishoji or Kumasaka Rivers, both famous for their cherry blossoms? Festivals and events are also in full bloom this season, creating din and bustle in the towns.

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