Snow crabs
1)Snow crabs
2)Fishermen at Hashitate’s fishing port with fresh snow crabs
3)Clear winter water flowing from the mountain

Stay Warm and Enjoy Winter

Dancing snowfall and crisp chilly air drifts through the Kakusenkei Gorge – winter in Kaga is beautiful. What’s more, this is the best time to feast on freshly-caught seafood. There are a variety of winter specialties that can be enjoyed, but no one can deny that the snow crab (zuwai-gani), caught in the Sea of Japan, is the king of winter delicacies. When the fishing season opens in mid-November, local fish markets near Hashitate’s Fishing Port come alive with shoppers, and ryokans in Yamanaka, Yamashiro and Katayamazu Onsen see crowds of visitors searching for crab and hot springs. Taking a dip in an onsen is a wonderfully relaxing experience at any time of the year, but it’s in winter that you’ll really learn to appreciate a steamy soak.